Faq About Serious Games

Serious games are often misunderstood. Because they are associated with high levels of leadership, upper management, the military and government operations, they do have a certain mystique. Do you wonder what all the mystery and hype is about? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions concerning them.

1) What’s a serious game?
Answer: They are designed to educate, inform, and test. They are, in the broadest sense, still video games, but they have a specific application and limited use in the medical field, in the business operations world, and (most famously) in government-sponsored training for the armed forces. They are designed to be somewhat “fun” and engaging, but most people wouldn’t want to sit around playing, for example, military-designed simulation, unless they are paid to do it. Governmental and business sectors as well as contest-seekers also play these cognitive functioning boosters, like War Chess.

2) Can serious games help the majority of everyday people improving focus and problem solving skills during difficult, intense situations?
Answer: Yes. They are designed to strengthen skills and strategy. They aren’t about chance or luck (like gambling or bingo); luck and chance oppose the serious.

3) Are serious games just for the super smart type?
Answer: No. If your work requires you to train using them, you don’t have to worry if you aren’t an Einstein. They do require a certain level of concentration, however. They are very demanding. So, if you have a tough time focusing you might want to make sure you get enough sleep the night before you are going to be training with them.

4) What are some uses of serious games in the private (non-government) sector?
Answer: There are a lot of these for educational use, from elementary age school up to graduate training. They are used for personal training, for healing, health, and fitness. Some are industry specific, such as for city planning, emergency management, politics, and scientific exploration.

5) Where can I go to find some serious games to try?
Answer: SuperSmartGames is a website full of them for adults, kids, and teens. Some are on history, math, science, and fitness training. Another website, SocialImpactGames, offers a large variety for business, advertising, military, public policy, wellness, and other subjects of learning.

5) What’s the difference between serious and persuasive games?
Answer: They are essentially the same thing.

6) What’s the difference between serious and educational games?
Answer: There are a lot of great educational products out there that do sometimes cross into the serious category. To be considered a serious game, the primary use of the game is educational and not entertainment.

Internet Blogging: Through Blogs!

Picture these three scenarios:

You are at a costume party in a room full of strangers. You are dressed as an 18th Century dandy; you’ve studied the mannerisms, have affected the perfect accent and you charm every partygoer you meet. Beneath the facade, outside the realm of this party you may be a banker, a steel worker or an unemployed poet but here and now you are Monsieur Baudelaire, the fop who speaks of temperament and style as the be-all and end-all of a meaningful existence.

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You are at work where you are always the no-nonsense professional, respected by peers and underlings and depended upon by your manager to perform your tasks with skill, technical proficiency and a pleasant demeanor — an expectation that is hardly ever unmet.

You are at an informal get together with family, close friends and neighbors; you talk about sports, literature and fashion with people who know you and who understand your opinions, your quirks and your few flaws — there is no facade, no pretense, you are unabashedly you!

These scenarios that represent three versions of you in the real world are also three (of many) approaches you can take to presenting yourself to your readers in the virtual world, through your blog: as a character of your creation, as the professional at whatever you do, or as the real, unadulterated you, complete with flaws. Your blog and your blogger persona are your creations and are limited only by your choices. Consider also that whatever it is you write, in whatever form, even if it is spoof or satire, it will be considered by your readers as an expression of your true feelings.

People express themselves in many ways and for a growing number of people the need for some sort of public expression of thoughts, feelings, style or creative expression is filled by blogging. Expressing your thoughts in written words, however, is not as simple a task as it may seem to be; many people, in fact, find that it can take hours to accurately transfer the most seemingly simple thoughts to the written word. Thoughts and feelings do not require the organization or structure that is required by the expression of those thoughts and feelings.

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Some things that make the task of expressing yourself through your writing much easier are improving your grammar, improving your vocabulary and practice, practice, practice.

Grammar! As a rule you should always write to your audience — they are the ones who need to understand you. Perfection may be necessary when you are writing for an audience of scholars and grammarians who require it but, regardless of your audience, the better your grammar the better you will be understood and the easier it will be for you to transfer those thoughts to paper. There are literally hundreds of English grammar guides available online and very reasonable English grammar guides available in bookstores; good grammar is a tool you will never regret learning to use.

Blogging Online

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Blogging Information

Blogs are popular means of interaction in the online world. It is not very long since blogs have been emerged on the online scene but they have captured the greatest interest of people in a quick time. Blogs are more famous than traditional websites because they offer you simplest and easy means to interact with your audience, know their opinions and demands; develop your marketing strategies, and earn good revenue in the quickest possible time. However, all these things are only possible when you have good blogging information.

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